Hurricane Sandy – Original song by Meghan Marino

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Meghan Marino performs her self-penned song, “Hurricane Sandy.”

In her original posting, made today (Oct. 29, 2012), Ms. Marino writes: “Here is my song I wrote for a song contest me and my friends are having about Hurricane Sandy!”

It’s a wonderful age we live in when someone can put out a world-wide video of themselves singing a song about a natural disaster even as that disaster is happening.

There’s not much information available about Meghan Marino, except that she’s around 20 years old, loves music (“It is my self expression”), and is self-taught on piano and guitar as well as ukulele. “It is my dream to someday distribute music that will make the world a better place,” she has written. Surely a song about Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm, can be deemed a good start!

Here are the lyrics that she supplied:

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy you’re pretty cool,
had a midterm but they cancelled school
Hurricane Sandy, think you’re pretty dandy,
Now I can chill and eat the Halloween candy
Oh, Sandy

Sandy, these people think you’re a whore
but not me, ’cause I see something more.
Sure you’re really wet, and destructive
at best,
but you got this spark, that aint like the rest.

Sandy keep me safe,
make sure the trees dont fall on my face.
Sandy, let me break out the boat
and give me more time so I can build a moat.


Hurricane Sandy & Marblehead [Front Street]

Hurricane Sandy & Marblehead [Front Street] (Photo credit: The Birkes)

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