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Ukulele Lady - Tutorial by 'Ukulele Mike' Lynch | UkeView

Ukulele Lady – Tutorial by ‘Ukulele Mike’ Lynch

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1926 US advertisement for ukulele with easy ch...

1926 advertisement for ukulele with easy chord system; “Be the Life of the Party”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every ukulele player needs to know “Ukulele Lady,” a classic bit of uke silliness from the 1920s (when the first big ukulele craze hit), and here’s a good lesson in how to play it.

Mike Lynch, aka Ukulele Mike, is one of the most engaging uke teachers you’ll ever find on video. He has his own channel on YouTube where he generously shares a huge number of free tutorials, taking you from complete beginner to fairly advanced ukulele player. In addition  to his lessons, he has produced books and CDs that are well worth checking out at his website, www.ukulelemikelynch.com. You’ll even find the details of his ukulele  cruises to Hawaii!

“UIkulele Lady” has been covered by many, many artists over the decades (sometimes without a single ukulele among the  instruments, which just seems wrong to me!). One I’m particularly fond of is the Bette Midler  cover; I understand she took ukulele  lessons from Jim Beloff especially for making the recording.

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jazzdog49 says:

MIke – you are awesome! You cover all the bases in a logical way. I recommend viewing your vids to everyone in our monthly uke circle. Thanks for all you do for the uke!

400mints says:

i have your book

maryzcox says:

:) nice& like your shirt too :)

DerekBillings says:

You are an incredible teacher for a beginning Uke player! Thanks so much.

juliastp1818 says:

amazing story i am interested to hear you make a jug band performance on video

MotherWatts says:

Wow! Beautiful. 

KFlower87 says:

Oh my goodness!! This is excellent. WOW! I love this.. haha man its gonna take me some practice.. maybe someday ill get the nerve to post me playing.. haha You’re the best teacher.. honestly since the day I bought my uke ive watched your videos! THANKS A MILLION!!!

peteAWeb says:

I really like this one. I know my grandchildren are going to really love it…..I’m gonna have to learn it.

dukuleledi says:

Hey Mike ! Do you know a song called “Mahalo”? I’d like to learn the chords & melody if I can!

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